News & Events


HOST show Italy

Host, International Exhibition of the Hospitality Industry
Milano, Italy
Date: October 20~24, 2017
Booth No.: TBD

Canton Fair

Chinese Export Commodities Fair (Canton Spring Fair)
China Import and Export Fair (Pazhou) Complex
Guangzhou, China
Date: October 15~19, 2016
Booth No.: Hall 8.1, K08

Sigep Italy

The Artisan Production of Gelato, Pastry,
Confectionery and Bakery

Rimini, Italy
Date: January 21~25, 2017
Booth No.: A1

Hotelex Shanghai


The Shanghai International Hospitality
Equipment & Supply Expo

Shanghai New International Expo Center
No. 2345, Longyang Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China
Date: March 29~ April 1, 2016
Booth No.: N5, B46

Food Asia

The International Food & Drinks, Hotel, Restaurant, Bakery & Food Service Equipment, Supplies & Services, Exhibition & Conference
Singapore Expo
1 Expo Drive, Singapore, 486150
Date: April 11 ~ 14, 2016
Booth No.: Hall 2, J1-07



NRA Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show
McCormick Place, Chicago
Illinois, USA
Date: May 21~24, 2016
Booth No.: South Hall 3240


** March 31, 2013

New Facility Grand Opening!

Congratulation! SPACEMAN celebrated the Grand Opening of its new manufacturing facility in Huzhou Zhejiang today. SPACEMAN distributors, dealers from all over the world, major suppliers, city officials, specialists and friends across the country came to celebrate with us. During the ceremony, state and city officials, distributor representative and factory owner Mr. Charles Dong spoke to the audience. On behalf of the SPACEMAN management team, Mr. Dong expressed great gratitude to all the attendees including all SPACEMAN associates for their remarkable effort and support that helped SPACEMAN grow into what it is today.

Ribbons were cut, fireworks were set off and factory guided tours followed. Highlights of the tours include the new precision machining shop, sheet metal forming shop, major subassembly shop, assembly lines and new office areas.

New product prototypes were exhibited to give our guests a chance to sneak peek at the new developments in the upcoming new releases which includes a three flavor soft serve model and a two flavor slush machine. Other new development concepts at different stages were also exhibited.

Followed the guided tours guests gathered together for a cocktail reception and formal dinner banquet. Spirit was high. Guests shared their views, comments and blessings for the better future to come.


Guests signing in

** October 1, 2011

New Upgrade!

To eliminate confusion about the difference between various soft serve series we currently offer, Spaceman management has decided to consolidate all soft serve and milkshake models into one line and upgrade them all to the 6-series.  The model number upgrade takes effect today.

The advanced microprocessor control becomes standard on all soft serve models except for model 6218. The upgraded model spec sheets and pictures are now available on our website. Units built to UL and NSF standards for USA and Canada will bear the ETL certification marks. Units built to CE standards will bear the CE mark on the nameplate at the back of the machine.

** September 29, 2011


The same selection of models (6228, 6245, 6248, 6368, 6338, 6378 and their pump versions) that are certified to UL/CSA standards are now officially certified to NSF/ANSI standard 6 for sanitation. Online listing at ETL website will still take some time to complete. 

** August 15, 2011

New Release!

A brand new state of the art compact countertop model 220 becomes available today!  This is the best soft serve model of commercial capacity for parties and existing restaurants that wish to add soft serve desserts on the menu but with limited counter spaces.  The cost of this model is so reasonable that every restaurant and party host can afford it.  Contact your local distributor or fill out the request form for more information.

** August 10, 2011

New Release!

A single flavor large barrel countertop model 236 is released today.  It is in fact model 335 resized into a smaller cabinet and reconfigured to be available in both single phase and 3 phase versions.  The heat treat model 335B and 335AB will still be in their original cabinet until they are resized in a very near future.

** August 3, 2011

New Upgrade!

The biggest soft serve model of Spaceman, model 378, 378A, 378B, and 378AB, also completed their transformation and shed 68mm (2.7 in) on their width. The new narrow version looks much more appealing and helps save 12% of the floor space compared with their previous edition.  We already received positive feedback on this improvement.

** July 28, 2011


Spaceman model 690 has passed both the Dairy Queen R&D testing protocol and Dairy Queen International Operations in-store testing.  Model 690 has been approved for use in Dairy Queen international store locations.

** July 20, 2011

New Release!

A Spaceman style small cylinder milkshake machine model 490 is released today.  It has the distinctive Spaceman square box look that appears to most of our overseas customers.  The configuration of this model is very similar to the existing model 430.

** June 7, 2011

New Release!

Spaceman is expanding its product family to include the line of the Frosty Swirl Machine. The first model made available today is our model FS-1. It is a blender that beats and mixes the selection of frozen treats and toppings and dispenses into a cone or cup of frozen dessert or drinks such as soft serve, milkshake, fruit smoothies and juice.  It also comes with the wash function at the press of a button on the handle for the convenience of the operator.  The Frosty Swirl Machine is a very low cost but versatile tool to add to the counter of a retail store which will help expand its menu and bring in more customers.

** March 29, 2011

New Upgrade!

In response to the market need of smaller foot print floor models, we have successfully reduced the width of model 338, 338A, 338B and 338AB by 110mm (4.4 in).  This will help customers save 20% of the floor space compared with our previous versions. Model 338B and 338AB also become the first and narrowest single flavor floor model that offer the heat treat (pasteurization) feature.

** February 8, 2011

New Upgrade!

The advanced microprocessor control system for non-heat treat models is now available on all models as an upgrade option except for mode 218.  The standard 9-button control system is still the standard configuration on all models unless the microprocessor upgrade is selected.

** January 5, 2011

New Release!

Spaceman milkshake and slush machine model 690 is now available.  It is a high volume high capacity model for frozen slush drinks. The capacity doubles what model 430 offers.  It is a perfect model for stores with focus on frozen drink products and bars that offers frozen alcoholic drinks.

** October 20, 2010


Spaceman model 6228, 6245, 6248, 6338, 6368, 6378 and their pump versions are certified to UL STD 621 and CAN/CSA STD C22.2 NO 120 by ETL!  Although only two representative models are listed on the ETL website, all certified models are expected to be added to the listing in the very near future.

** September 1, 2010

New Improvement!

Upon customer’s demand for adding an agitation mechanism in the hopper to avoid mix separation which happens more often in frozen yogurt production.  After 10 months of research, development, and prototyping, we are now proud to announce that the hopper agitator is available in large cylinder models 378, 338 and 335.  We expect it be to be available in more models in the near future.

** August 2, 2010

New Upgrade!

To distinguish the models that are certified to UL and NSF standards from the regular CE certified models, a new product series, the 6-series, is established for the UL and NSF standard products. This series simply add a number 6 in front of the regular model number.  The 6-series models are recommended for the USA and Canada only.  The product details are available at our US distributor’s website.

** June 5, 2009

New release!

Today’s release includes single flavor counter top model 228 and 228A.  They are small cylinder small foot print models but with medium capacity.  They are perfect for existing restaurant set up needing to add a frozen dessert machine on a tight counter space.  

** May 12, 2009

New release!

Spaceman milkshake and slush machine model 430 is now available to serve the frozen beverage market.  This model is a high volume milkshake machine that produces 80 cups of frozen drink in an hour.  For model information, please visit the product page of model 430.

** April 6, 2009

New release!

We are proud to announce that four models with heat treat (pasteurization) function are now available for the public.  They are our large cylinder model 378B, 378AB, 338B and 338AB. The heat treat models offer a heating cycle that kills all bacteria and allows the operator to clean the machine up to every two weeks instead of everyday or every other day. The heat treat function helps save labor cost related to daily cleaning and maintenance and is particularly desirable for high labor cost markets. The heat treat machines are precision controlled by the newly developed microprocessor control system.

** March 15, 2009

New release!

In response to the need of higher volume beer coolers, we are now offering model 35 and 50 to complete our beer cooler line with models with 3 different sizes. For model information, please see the product page of beer coolers.

** July 1, 2007

Welcome to Spaceman’s NEW website! After four years of service, Spaceman’s old website has finally retired. Today, the web presentation of Spaceman got a complete make over.  “Beside the appealing and exciting new look, our aim is still to provide visitors a clean and clear picture of who we are and what we are offering.  It is much easier now compared with the old site to get all information one would need to know about us and our products within just a few clicks”, says CEO and general manager Charles Dong.

One of the newly added features that are worth mentioning is the “View All Products” link on the homepage. This link leads visitors to a glamorous show room with all of the product models Spaceman is currently offering. By a single click on the model picture, product details will be pulled out and displayed on the screen.

Spaceman is very confident that this new improvement will provide customers a more pleasant online experience and may as a result lead to more patronage to our business.

** June 8, 2007

In response to the issue of high amp draw on single phase dual refrigeration systems, Spaceman has successfully developed a new soft-serve floor model 348D with independent power source for each refrigeration circuit. This unit has all the great features of the classic model 348 along with a reduced electrical load on each circuit which further ensures unit stability and reliability. For more information, visit our product pages or contact us for price quotes.

** March 15, 2007

Spaceman is proud to introduce our Beer & Soft Drink Cooler, model BC25. This under-counter air-cooled model comes with a 20L liquid tank and 324 Watts of cooling power which is cable of generating and maintaining 10 Kg of ice bank that will cool beverage down to 3~5ºC at the dispenser outlet. This beer and soft drink cooler is ideal for cooling and dispensing beer, soda and other carbonated beverages.  For more information, visit our product pages or contact us for price quotes.